Planet VGW-400FO 4-Port SIP VoIP Gateway (4 FXO)

Planet VGW-400FO 4-Port SIP VoIP Gateway (4 FXO)
Planet VGW-400FO 4-Port SIP VoIP Gateway (4 FXO)
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Kode Produk: Planet VGW-400FO 4-Port SIP VoIP Gateway (4 FXO)
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Harga: Rp.3.000.000
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  • Supports SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261)
  • Supports IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously
  • Up to 4 SIP service domains and Caller ID
  • Supports auto HTTP provision and fax feature
  • Flexible Routes Plan, Dial Plan and SIP Trunk

Internet Features

  • IPv4 (RFC 791) and IPv6
  • IPv6 auto configuration (RFC 4862)
  • IPv6 only, IPv4 only or dual stack
  • MAC clone setting
  • Vendor Class ID
  • DDNS (Planet DDNS, Easy DDNS, DynDNS)
  • DNS client
  • Firewall
  • URL / IP / MAC / Port Filter
  • Port forwarding (TCP, UDP or both)
  • Bandwidth control (download and upload), maximum bandwidth priority setting

SIP Applications

  • SIP Session Timer (RFC 4028)
  • SIP Session Refresher: UAC or UAS
  • SIP Encryption
  • Supports Outbound Proxy / STUN NAT Traversal
  • Supports Primary and Backup SIP Server

Call Features

  • Supports peer to peer dialing
  • 4-line FXO connects to PSTN line
  • Caller ID recognition DTMF (before/after 1st ring) and FSK (before 1st ring), ETSI and Bellcore
  • DTMF Caller ID start and stop BIT configurable
  • T.38 fax volume configuration

FXO Line Configuration

  • Line ID / Line Phone number
  • Polarity Reversal detection or generation for call establish and billing
  • VoIP dial to FXO/PSTN Line: 1 stage dialing and 2 stage dialing
  • Outgoing SIP Caller ID selection
  • Caller ID detection mode by country selection

Routing Plan

  • Prefix match and length
  • Priority / Cyclic / Simultaneous Ring
  • Programmable Hunting Cycle

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